What do you do with a drifting tanker?
1: Slow it down
2: Rotate its bow up against the weather
3: Provide a towing point
4: Do it all quickly - from a helicopter

...i.e. arrest it!

Download video of ShipArrestor (9 MB - WMV)

The ShipArrestor principle


  1. Position the connector around a strong point
  2. Release the sea anchor into the water
  3. When tug arrives - commence tow

An abandoned vessel is one of many challenges to salvors. In many cases an emergency towing connection to a salvage tug is the only string preventing a total loss of ship and cargo, as well as harm to the environment. For centuries the salvors had to board the abandoned vessel to establish the emergency salvage connection, a hazardous task putting lives at risk. A great number of vessels have suffered total loss after being abandoned. The associated cost to the shipping industry and its underwriters are substantial. Fortunately no drifting vessel has so far hit an offshore oil -or gas installation.
A challenge to the salvage industry is to connect a towing line to a drifting vessel. For salvors onboard a disabled vessel, sudden sinking is a lurking nightmare.